New Exhibition in Portiersloge, “Requiem” by artist Artist – Alexandra Huddleston

New exhibition by artist Alexandra Huddleston will be open from 1 March until 7 April 2024 in Portiersloge Groningen. The title of the exhibition is “Requiem”.

About the work of Alexandra Huddleston

Alexandra Huddleston is a photographer, writer, book maker, and walking artist. Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and raised in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, and Bamako, Mali, her upbringing has led her to explore landscape and culture from an international and interdisciplinary perspective. 

Since 2009, Alexandra has walked thousands of miles, seeking an answer the question: how does exploring landscapes on foot open up new ways and revive old ways of understanding land and culture, ways that have been forgotten as contemporary lives are entrapped in the climate-controlled, the motorized, and the virtual? 

The photographs on view at Portiersloge / Gatekeepers Lodge were made during a walking journey along the West Highland Way, a 154-kilometer trail that follows a series of valleys in western Scotland, connecting Glasgow in the southern lowlands to Fort William in the north. They show a landscape in flux, between moist and dry, sun and shade, desolation and abundance, life and death.

Alexandra Huddleston
Alexandra Huddleston
Exhibition – artist Alexandra Huddleston