Portiersloge / Gatekeepers Lodge Groningen

Portiersloge / Gatekeepers Lodge

The Gatekeepers Lodge, located at Haddingestraat 26, consists of a window and a space in a busy street in the city center of Groningen where modern art is exhibited. The small space can only be viewed from the outside. This window gallery, also known as the smallest gallery in Groningen, has existed since 2008.

Portiersloge Groningen

Exhibitions / Activities

Ada Duker
Ada Duker

New exhibition by artist Ada Duker will be open from 7 April until 7 May 2024 in Portiersloge Groningen. The title of the exhibition is…

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The Drawing Box. Een internationaal initiatief van autonome tekenaars dat tijdens de coronapandemie is ontstaan. In december is het tijdens twee perioden te zien in Studio Wilma Wissers aan de Sint Walburgstraat.
Synopsis: Wilma Vissers, artist in residence, explains how she has drawn inspiration from the Shetland landscape.